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Radio A’s 2014 and beyond

October 2, 2013

Well, what’s happened to 2013, weather and weed seem to have decimated the calendar in 2013 and the season is over before it really got going.

The final PRACC at Gosport and St George Trophy at Hampton Court will bring the curtain down on a very short season for the RA’s.

So what’s happening in 2014?

That is very much up to us as RA skippers; the MYA are working towards encouraging the adoption of class captains or coordinators, this hopefully allows us to have an input into how we want the calendar organised and give the class a person or group who will promote the class. To do this we need a volunteer or volunteers, so please put your hand up if you are interested, however the RA’s are probably ahead of the game in this aspect as for the last ** years, (fill in the blanks David đŸ™‚ ) , David and Linda Munro have been the main organisation team behind the calendar, PRACC and Nationals and we owe them a big thank you for this. As many know David has suggested that he wishes to let someone else take on the organisation of the PRACC series (with i am sure plenty of help if needed) for 2014, so as with the class coordinator role we are looking for someone to continue the Munro’s excellent work with the PRACC.

If you fancy helping out or volunteering for either role please contact us via the contact page or give David and Linda a call.

The calendar for 2014 is almost complete and i am sure that we will be able to publish the PRACC events soon along with the date for the 2014 Nationals.

Lets hope that 2014 brings sun, breeze and no weed!

In the meantime, if you have any news, projects or interesting pictures please send them to us for inclusion over the autumn and winter months.




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