Class Rules

Boats in this IRSA A class are not limited in length, but are controlled by a formula which demands a balance between waterline length, displacement and sail area. Sails get smaller as displacement reduces and as waterline length increases. The formula was devised in 1922 by the editor of the Yachting Monthly as a testing ground for later use in the full sized 5.5 Metre class rule. A fleet of ‘A Class’ boats is an impressive and awesome sight.

Boats are typically around 2 metres long and weigh between 14
and 25kg. With a little ingenuity there are not many problems in transporting them – a single set of mast and booms and simple rigging helps.

Many plans are available and some hulls can be obtained from commercial sources.

All the documents are available via ISAF-RSD here

Class rules can be downloaded here A Class Rules

The UK Class Registrar is Bill Green, his details can be found on the MYA website.

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