PRACC Dates 2018 Season

PRACC Dates for 2018

2018RACalendar  in pdf format

Scoring for 2018

As for 2017, the winner will get one more point than the number of competitors subject to a minimum of 20 points.  This, hopefully, encourages skippers to attend those events that have lower entries.  The National Championships will be regarded as a normal event in that there are no additional points awarded because it is a 2 day meeting.  Previously your chances of winning or achieving a high place in the series was made difficult if you didn’t attend the Nationals and thereby benefit from the “bonus” points awarded so we now have a more level playing field for all.

From the 10 qualifying events the best 5 results will count towards the final position in the series.  As in previous years any skipper that gives up their sailing in order to help run an event will be awarded average points at the end of the series.  Also the GERRY GRAY Trophy will be awarded to the highest placed skipper who has attended the largest number of events throughout the year

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