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A Class Owners and Skippers Feedback Required asap PLEASE

November 14, 2016

Please see the attached Draft Proposal for amendments to MYA Race Entry/SSI regulations.  This follows the implementation of the new  IRSA Radio A Class Rules effective from 1st July 2016 which permits the use of multiple certificates.


At the last council meeting it was agreed that we would include the requirement for inclusion of measurement certificates prior to a ranking or national Championships.
The reasoning being that this would help to alleviate concerns over multiple certificates in those classes that now have them and it was agreed that by a prescribed date we would require that skippers present these in the configuration that they intended to race at the event. 14 days prior to the event was the suggested cut off.
Further to this IRSA have now indicated that they feel that dnm’s can amend their SSI’s to change the effects of the multiple certificate element of the class rules, and one way is to require that only the latest issued certificate be used.
It would be great feedback if you could indicate your views on this, in particular the principle of early presentation and the specific requirement for latest certificates.
The MYA are keen to implement the 14 day certificate requirement for 2017 as they feel it will help all classes and event organisers and recommend that the classes support this.
Roger also requests comment on the final paragraph of his email, regarding finishing times- my own view on this is that the current time rules are adequate, but please comment if you have any views. It read:-
(Yet another point that I have scribbled in pencil over my copy of SSI 5.04 (b) was a comment made about the timings at the end of an event, because often the race committee want to finish earlier, maybe at 16.00 hours instead of 17.00. If this rule is being broken then it needs to be changed. The Race Team may have a view on this. Darin, please forward to the appropriate members.)

PLEASE feed back any comments to the A Class Captain, Bob Conner, preferably by e-mail  and as soon as reasonably possible to         rconner17@hotmail.com

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