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PRACC success @ Fleetwood

April 21, 2014

Plenty of breeze on Sunday- by Damian Ackroyd

Plenty of breeze on Sunday- by Damian Ackroyd

The 1st double header of the 2014 PRACC series was a great success, although the numbers were not as high as for the events further south the double figure entry was better than recent years and would probably of been higher still had there not been an IOM ranking event the weekend before and the Bournville skippers not been sailing full size.

Saturdays event saw an Easterly breeze of mid to top A suit at the start, this went more Southerly for a period before coming back to Easterly. The wind and direction enabled PRO Tom Mills to set a full length course and keep it the same all day, with the 10 skippers managing to complete 14 races before retiring to the “Mount” for de-brief.

Rob Walsh sailing a Lightning was a clear winner with 14 pts from 14 races with Darin Ballington 2nd on 34 and Vernon Appleton 3rd on 40pts, although Derek Priestley would have been higher up the fleet if his mast has managed to stay upright all day, however repair No 3 gave way in race 10 and it fell over!

Results for Saturday:

1: Rob Walsh

2: Darin Ballington

3: Vernon Appleton

4: Roy Stevens

5: Dave Stewart

6: Terry Rensch

7: Derek Priestley

8: Bob Conner

9: Nick Craynan


Sunday saw a different day with a squally North Easterly breeze giving all skippers a tough time, Derek could not fix his mast in time and Nick decided that his experience wasnt quite up to the task so sat out and watched others struggle 🙂


Most skippers started with the same sails as they finished on Saturday but this was a mistake as some very strong squalls came through, knocking boats over and causing many broaches on the runs. Rob Walsh managed best and took the 1st race victory but race 2 saw him retire when his boat resembled a submarine on the run, with only Darin, Vernon and Bob Conner actually completing the course. A lengthy delay then followed as boats were retrieved from around the lake and smaller sails added to the rigs, during this break the wind continued to build and although a 3rd race was sailed there were again a number of non finishers due to breakages. With the forecast showing worsening weather and a general agreement that the sailing on Saturday had made the weekend worthwhile it was decide to call a halt to the sailing at lunchtime.

Results for Sunday:

1: Vernon

2: Rob

3: Bob

4: Darin

5: Roy

6: Terry

7: Dave

8: Dave Hollom


Thanks to all at Fleetwood MY&PBC for a great weekend and hopefully the boats will be back together in time for the next PRACC at Eastbourne, this being a double header over the Early May BH weekend.

Full results below HERE

Pictures from Sunday by Damian HERE




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