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PRACC 2- Results

March 24, 2014

POOLE PRACC 23rd March

14 Started but only 6 managed to finish – a pretty high attrition rate but having said that a day which most found enjoyable. As you might gather it was a day of fairly strong winds which varied from 15 to 30 miles per hour – maybe a bit more in some of the stronger gusts. Plenty of time had to be allowed for sail changes and repairs but we still managed 16 races enabling 3 discards to be taken into account. On the plus side the wind direction from the North West allowed a long course to be set virtually down the length of the lake. Another bonus was the weather which, apart from a couple of very short showers provided plenty of sunshine.

The winner at the end of the day was Peter Wiles whose score, after discarding 2 3rds and a 2nd left him with 13 points to count. Vernon Appleton finished in 2nd place after winning the first 2 races followed by a string of 2nds. John White came third with his Venom followed by Richard Uttley and Bob Connor.

1st Peter Wiles Poole 13 points
2nd Vernon Appleton Coalhouse Fort 32.3
3rd John White Bideford 46
4th Richard Uttley Emsworth 51
5th Bob Connor Woodspring 81
6th Ray Steele Poole 83
7th John Smith Gosport 86
8th Chris Durant Gosport 89
9th Ian Davies Poole 105
10th Peter Smith Poole 122
11th Peter Pritchard Poole 144
12th Phillip Wiles Poole 145
13th Nick Crayman Woodspring 154
14th Alan Oxlade Woodley 179

Thanks to David Munro for the report.

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