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PRACC 7 @ MP- Results

July 9, 2013

Received from the Midlands District 

This year, the 3rd year of holding a round of the PRACC series at Manor Park we were blessed with blue skies and searing  hot sun, but not a lot of wind :-( . What a huge contrast to the winds the weekend before at Bartley Green or the 18 inches of water we waded through at the same time last year in Peter Moore’s Landrover, only to call the event off.

9 skippers took to the water in a very light Northerly that took turns at which way it came round the trees. Generally from the North West the course held much the same all day with 11 races being completed at a leisurely pace before the wind finally died.

The RA series is a little bit more “Gentlemen in Jaguars” rather than the “Kids is Go-karts” that the IOM class is and it is a shame these graceful boats do not have a larger following. You do need a pretty big car though and as at the top end of most classes, a decent sized wallet.

Results as follows with Peter Wiles well ahead of the rest taking the win.

Full Results HERE

Many thanks as usual to our helpers on the line Gordon, Tracey and PJ plus a massive effort from Darin over the two days.

We hope our visitors had a good weekend at “The Park”, maybe next year we can have sun, no floods and perhaps a little wind??

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