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Graham Bantock 2012 MYA Radio A National Champion

September 6, 2012

GB at the front (Again)


Congratulations to Graham on retaining the trophy.

Consistent sailing and no failures helped Graham to overcome a small but strong fleet at this years event.

Full results and a longer report can be found on the event website HERE

The fleet consisted of regular A skippers from Poole, Gosport and Hampton Court with the PRACC series regulars from the Midlands and Devon making the trip.

It was great to see Richard Wills and his “skip” perform over the 3 days, at only 7kg it showed what can be done with the rules and he has produced a boat with real performance downwind and knowing Richard he will be thinking of ways to redesign to help with upwind performance. (Richard has threatened to send some details of the boat and thinking behind it so keep your eyes on the site)



The venue was great for A’s with good strong breezes and a chop created by the size of lake testing everyone’s skills. Weed made an untimely arrival and unfortunately most competitors found some, if you were lucky it was on the last leg of the race but a few (Ken Binks!) seemed to make a habit of picking it up on the 1st leg.

Launching could be a challenge at times with a floating pontoon, A’s and strong winds but the assistance of Ray Steele and others from the host club overcame most of the problems.

Overall the venue shows great promise and I am sure that the Poole RYC will work with the landowners to overcome the small issues given a bit of time and we look forward to going back in October for the final round of the PRACC series.

Open spaces gave good wind and large courses.

Thanks to all at Poole RYC and the ladies and gents who helped out with scoring and refreshments. (Linda Munro’s chocolate cake is to die for and only 1 calorie she tells me!)


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