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PRACC 8 Results

September 3, 2012

A good days sailing for the 11 skippers who entered.

PRO Alan Chidgey sailed everyone as a single fleet and set a triangle sausage course for the skippers to race, from the 1st race it was apparent that Pete Wiles was going to make up for the weekend sailing he missed at the Nationals and soon lead by quite a margin. the rest of the fleet struggled at times to come to terms with the shifty conditions which can be seen by the overall scores, with only Peter showing real consistency.

Darin Ballington and John White showed glimpses of what they can do but were a distant 2nd and 3rd.

Martin Raishbrook and Chris Durrant were a constant threat with their new Gunboats and this design is showing great promise, both skippers performing well in their second events with them. Weighing in at around 12kg they may show a new direction again for the Radio A class.

Thanks to Alan and the members from Woodspring and we hope to return again next year.

Next stop is Gosport next weekend, please enter early to help the race team.

The PRACC standings will be posted in the next few days but we are sure that it will be tight at the top and with 5 events to count from the 10 rounds it will be all to play for at Poole in early October.

Finally a few words for PRO Alan

What a pleasure it is to be Race Officer at such an event. In addition to having three volunteer helpers from our Club WMSC there is none of the shouting and arguments that seem to occur at IOM meetings. Water is given at marks; no one has to call ‘Starboard’. In the unlikely event of a contact between two yachts, penalty turns are executed promptly.

Full results form Woodspring below:

Skipper Sail Posn. Total
Peter Wiles 59 1 17
Darin Ballington 98 2 29
John White 37 3 43
Chris Durant 11 4 51
Martin Raishbrook 47 5 53
David Munro 3 6 53
John Smith 30 7 83
Martin Dovey 45 8 85
John Harris 70 9 108
Ray Steele 74 10 118
Alan Oxlade 34 11 150
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