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More Radio A from Oz

June 28, 2012

Brian Dill sends the following:

Sorry that it’s been such a long time between posts, but I missed GP 1 as I was overseas at the time. I have attached the results of GP 2 if you wish to use them. The Gunboats are beginning to do well on the NSW scene as evidenced by the results I have attached. They all have very similar boat speed and sail well over a range of wind strengths, so I no longer have the advantage I felt I had last year. In the stronger winds of the Saturday,the Gunboats mostly used No. 1 jib with a No. 2 main which seems to give a very well-balanced yacht. It was a good event for me as I was involved with the construction of 7 of the boats competing. Sorry I don’t have any pics of the event but there is another event shortly and I hope to have results and pics of that.

Report on NSW ‘A’ Class GP Rd 2

A good fleet of 13 ‘A’ class yachts attended round 2 of the NSW ‘A’ class GP series held at Forster Tuncurry Radio Yacht Club on the 26th and 27th of May 2012.  The venue was an inland freshwater pond located in the middle of the racecourse. Day 1 was scratch racing with the results counting toward the class ranking, and day 2 was handicap racing based on the results of day 1. The scratch racing was held in gusty SW winds of 10 to 20 knots, with Gunboats winning 13 of the 19 races. It was a common sight to see 2 or 3 racing side by side for an entire race, and they finished 1, 2, 3, 4 in one race. It was noticeable that this design was doing very well in a wind strength well above that for which it was designed. The first 6 placegetters all had race wins, and consistency determined the final positions.

Results Scratch Racing

Brian Dill   WMYC   Gunboat   41 pts

Jon Pinkerton   KooBSC   Gunboat   44

Phil Page   CCMYC   Venom   47

Pat O’Brien   DSC   Sweet 9   53

Gary Bromley KooBSC   Gunboat   58

Selwyn Holland   WMYC   Gunboat   66

Ralph Hyman   WMYC   Sweet 6   76

Ray Naysmith   127

Phil Lawson   129

Craig Sargent   176

Andrew Sands   178

Glenn Kinsella    185

Gavin Fitzhenry   205

Sunday dawned fine and clear with a 5 to 10 knot SW wind which was again gusty at times. The course set for the first part of the day required very little in the way of tacking or tactics and the back markers found the going tough initially, but with a course change at lunch time they began to gradually improve their positions. At the end of the day it was shown that the handicapper had done an excellent job resulting in only a 5 point difference between the top 5 boats. Congratulations to Phil, Pat and Ralph who sailed very consistently to lead the day.

Results Handicap Racing

Phil Page   44

Pat O’Brien   44

Ralph Hyman   44

Selwyn Holland   48

Brian Dill   49

Phil Lawson   52

Craig Sargent   56

Andrew Sands   59

Jon Pinkerton   65

Gary Bromley   66

Ray Naysmith   76

Glenn Kinsella   104

Gavin Fitzhenry   119

It’s great to get information on any A boat sailing, if you are having an event or have had an event why not send us a few words or pics and we will share it with others.

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