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PRACC 2012 Scoring Amendment

February 11, 2012

The scoring for the 2012 series has been tweaked slightly to hopefully ensure that those who cannot travel as frequently as in previous years are not heavily penalised. This year 5 of the 10 rounds will count towards the championship.

For each event the winner will score 30 points, 2nd place 29 and so on. The exception to this will be in the case of an event having an entry of larger than 30 – in which case the winner will score the same number of points as there are skippers taking part.

The National Championship is not compulsory but as it is likely to attract a higher entry than other events in the series the scoring will be weighted and the winner will receive 45 points with second place gaining 44 etc

From the 10 qualifying events the best 5 will count towards the final position in the series

The “Gerry Gray Trophy” will be awarded to the highest placed skipper who has attended the most events throughout the year. Ties will be settled in favour of the skipper who has attended the greatest number of events throughout the year. Should this not produce a result the traditional use of countback on points will be used.

In order not to penalise skippers, we are introducing points compensation for up to 2 skippers who elect to help run an event as Race Officer or in any other capacity and thereby loose their ability to sail and accumulate points for the series. These 2 skippers will be awarded average points for the missed races at the end of the series .

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