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More on the gunboat from Oz

October 13, 2011

We’ve now completed two further GP events in NSW. GP 2 was held over two days in light conditions both days. Day 1 was scratch racing with the Gunboat placing second after a few minor glitches. Day 2 was handicap racing with the Gunboat commencing on 90 secs and ending up on 160 secs handicap after working through the fleet for a couple of wins, eventually placing first after giving a lot of start to all the other boats. The boat that won on Day 1 placed second on a maximum handicap of 90 seconds so you can see that the Gunboat had a clear speed advantage. GP 3 was sailed at the end of September as a one-day event in light conditions that were so unpredictable that 8 of the 10 boats won at least one race. The Gunboat had the best boat speed once again in these conditions placing first on 25 points with a Venom second on 35 points, and the boat that won the 2011 Aust National Title third on 36 points. The boat is performing fantastically in the conditions for which it was targeted, but I still have not had the opportunity to sail it in strong wind and waves in competition. All that might change in a couple of weeks when the NSW State Titles will be held and I will send you a report after that event (my Privateer is being rested this time after two 2nds in 2009 and 2010).

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